What Are You Leaving in Your Wake?

A Tribute to Mrs. Jean Finley on her 100th Birthday Do you give much thought to how other people feel around you? What you’re presence leaves in its “wake?” I know that’s not easy to think about objectively, but this subject came to mind as I recently reunited with my

I “Promise” to …

 I was struck by these words from a friend. I seldom run across the use of the word “promise” anymore. With the exception of marriage vows, it’s almost as if the word disappeared from contemporary vernacular.  Or is it just me? It was a simple declaration on her part, but

The Wonderful World of Skinny

Skinny the Cat and the Magic of Kindness, is the puuurfect how-to place to connect all people who want to help make the world a kinder, gentler place—without losing their sense of humor. That’s not to say we don’t take things seriously.  Quite the contrary.  But when seen through the

Alexander Payne

So at lunch last Sunday, celebrating the birthday of my amazing composer friend, Mark Governor (he scored Pet Cemetery II … and a bunch of other stuff), I had an epiphany. I sat across the table from one of Mark’s good friends, Richard Ford, who was the Executive Music Producer