Skinny the Cat, really has the “skinny” down for every type of reader. Cat lover, people lover, dog lover. It is about the kindness one can give in life. No matter if you are four-legged or two. Great read.”

– Nancy Mills, Founder,

Loved this book! What a delicious way to spend an afternoon, curled up on a couch (feline-style), and savor the adventures of Donna, Robert, and their kingdom of cats. Donna Rawlins, the author, shares her journey with the reader, and the reader can’t help but fall in love with these cherished animals and their tales of heart and persistence. And the photos in the book are amazing… I defy anyone who sees them not to feel “skinnied” by them! Thank you.

– S. Eisenberg

This book is an utterly charming journey that ultimately turns out to be much more than one person’s love of her feline family.
The gift you walk away with is a simple lesson in how the toughest facades can be melted through persistence, kindness and a touch of magic … and who doesn’t like to see a little magic right before their eyes? I loved it!

– B. Wernick

As a lifelong cat owner I grinned, chuckled, and at least once fought back tears as I read this chronicle of human and non-human (feline specifically) animal encounter, interaction, and bonding. There is much in the 60 odd pages for and about people, animals, and lessons in life. Everyone will enjoy this book and many in my opinion will benefit from reading it with respect to “inner peace” (I did).

– Dr John

This book so touched me I had to write about it. The story is exquisitely sweet. Even if you have never owned a cat you can’t help but LOVE the cats in this book and the delightful story of their interactions and lives together. It is written like an enchanting love story with honest moments of pain and joy. It truly is an enthralling story. The icing on the cake is the reminders of “kindness works” in the introduction and the last chapter. Be sure to read the story before the last chapter for it really brings the content of the last chapter to life. This book is worth every penny and more and worth reading over and over again.

– Christina

I just finished reading this book and felt compelled to write about it! What an absolutely beautiful tale of perseverance, love, and kindness. Your story was just what I needed to read. It contains a powerful but gentle reminder that being of service is the best medicine. Whenever I feel down I will pick up this book to remind me to take the lens off myself and go “Skinny” someone… There is someone, or animal, as the case may be, that needs my unconditional love and compassion (my Skinny). This book is truly a guide for life!

– J Schoen

We always hear other humans telling us about being nice to others; however, in this book, I like how a cat is the example of showing kindness.
As an animal lover, I found myself laughing through some parts of this story and feeling sad through others. I thought it was hilarious when Bhava would paw punch the glass door and how Skinny would get into their backyard! When Skinny first came to them, he was scrawny and looked helpless; but, he turned out to be a strong influence for good on the people and animals around him. That is why I think one of the messages in the story is “never judge a book by its cover.” I’m looking forward to doing some skinnying myself.

Best Wishes,
Liv Weiss
age 11
Reynoldsburg, OH

I had to buy two copies! I loved your book. I ordered two copies, one for me and I gave one to my sister for her birthday. Makes me love my cats even more … Have a skinnying day!

~Gina Pitrello

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